I was commissioned to design a large WOW factor exhibition stand to showcase Caple as a market leader and to launch a new product range called Sence Premium. The design had to communicate the high quality and advanced innovations of the products and be an environment to build new and existing client relations. It was a massive success and very fun to be at (did I mention michelin star chef Josh Eggleton cooked in the show kitchen and won KBB Best in Show to boot)



This is my fifth, large exhibition stand I've designed for Imerys.

Working with OTROVEZ I created a modern and contemporary design which showcased the new disciplines of Imerys and it's brand offers.

The materials used throughout all derive from Imerys such as the black wood effect which is one of their newest products. The main part of the build was to reuse the steal structure for the double deck to keep costs down and at the same time making the design look completely different from the last.



Working with RTH we designed this beautiful concept for BAE Systems. We tried to poetry the technologies behind their products with the use of futuristic shapes and materials. The design is one of the most complex for me to date and am eager to use my experience on other designs and brands.